A. Raffle Entry

This raffle is to win a SLOT to purchase and not the keyboard itself.

B. Raffle Winners

Once the lucky winners are picked, they will be sent a confirmation e-mail and additional instuctions on how to proceed with their purchase on November 9, 2021 on or before 8:00 PM (PH Time)

C. Payments

Make sure to have your payment ready once you place your order! We are only accepting any we are only accepting GCASH payments (LOCAL PH) via PAYMONGO and Credit Card (LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL) via PAYMONGO for the Mr. Suit R2 sale.
Failure to settle the payment within 24 hours, we will re roll your slot.

D. Plate and PCB

It will be open and available to the public on November 10th 8:00 pm to November 11th 8:00 pm (PH TIME) on our website.

We are also going to announce the PLATE AND PCB extras on our social media platforms. 

E. Region lock to SOUTHEAST ASIA only


STRICTLY 1 SLOT PER PERSON. Make sure you’re using the same email you use for Zion Studios PH website account.

Failure to register your email on our website, it will be automatically cancelled.

If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here

A quick step-by-step procedure:

1. Fill up your information

2. Pick a color 

3. Pick a layout (WKL/TKL)

4. Wait for your luck!

Don’t forget to check your email on November 9, 2021 on or before 8:00 PM (PH TIME) to see if you got an L or W.


Enjoy and good luck! 


Q. Fulfillment Timeline?

A. Fulfillment will start 3-4 weeks after the purchase

Q. Raffle means everyone has equal chances to win as long as you enter within the 24 hour period right? First to register has no impact on the outcome?


Q. Can we have multiple accounts linked to one address?

A. No.

Q. Where to get the latest news and update for Mr. Suit? 

A. Join our Discord for more updates!



Q. Can I use credit card or debit card?

A. Yes, Debit cards depends on your bank


Q. Do I need to have an account on Zion studio’s website before I join the raffle?



Q. I am from Hong Kong can I join?

A. No, only South east Asian region can join the Mr. suit R2 sale. if you joined the raffle and your address is not from south east Asia you will be disqualified even if you get picked in the raffle.


Q. What happens to extra units that got left because no one joined the raffle for them.

A. This is a highly unlikely event. but if it does happen it will be absorbed by Zion Studios and be sold as an in-stock item in our webstore.

Q. Is there an allocation for extas?

A. None, it is unlimited.

Q. Can I change the color if I win?

A. No

Q. Can I change my chosen color if I win?

A. No.

Q. Can I change my shipping address if I win?

A. No

Q. Can I change from TKL to WKL or vice versa if I win?

A. No

Q. Do I need to make an account with PAYMONGO?

A. No, PAYMONGO is a payment platform that we are using in our website you just have to pick the “credit card payment via PAYMONGO” option.



Q. If my raffle entry gets picked can I transfer it to another person?

A. No


Q. How can I buy Tungsten OWLswitch?

A. Only raffle entry winners are eligible to purchase the Tungsten OWLswitch and will be sold in packs of 90 pcs each.