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Jelly Epoch solder version

Solder Version

– Solder pcb x1

– Solder pc plate x1

– Pre-assembled case x1 (including top, mid and bottom cases, weight, diffuser, LED/USB daughterboard, multiple screws, bump-ons and weight Anti-slips)

– Stab shims/washers (our pcb is thinner than regular ones)

– JST cable for daughterboard

– Jelly gaskets x8

– Dual-layer pcb foams (recommended but optional in building)

– Case foam (recommended but optional in building)


Jelly Epoch hotswap version

Solder Version

– Swap pcb and plate to hotswap version

– One more set of standoffs and screws (optional in building)

– Others the same as the solder version



Aluminum Hotswap Plate

PHP 1,000

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Aluminum Solder Plate

PHP 1,000

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Hotswap PCB

PHP 2,000

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Solder PCB

PHP 2,000

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Hotswap Polycarb Plate

PHP 1,000

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PHP 150

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PHP 300

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Case PORON Foam

PHP 300

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Solder Polycarb Plate

PHP 1,000

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Photos by simbusped for zion studios ph

zion studios chill builds

Camera – Sony A7rii

Lens: Sony 90mm 2.8 G & Tamron 28-75 2.8

Mic: Zoom H1N

Program Used: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 Adobe Audition CC 2020

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1. Shipping cost to my country?

Singapore- 890 (fedex) 4-7 days

Malaysia- 1,670 (fedex) 4-7 days

Vietnam- 1,530 ((FEDEX) 4-7 days

Brunei- 2,587 (DHL) 4-7 days

Cambodia- 2,610 (FEDEX) 4-7 days

Laos- 3757 (DHL) 4-7 days

Indonesia- 2,294 (FEDEX) 4-7 days

Thailand- 880 (FEDEX) 4-7 days

2. Will Zion accept special instructions regardin the shipping of my orders

A: Yes, please contact us through our facebook messenger or email [email protected]

3. Can we buy extras before the GB Starts, like ones at popkeyboard?

Yes, we will have the extras ready to be added to cart 1 day before we start the GB. Please make sure you create an account in our website to be able to save the items in your cart

4. Price of jelly epoch?

Standard color (ink,Navy,Sage,Ruby) – 19,500 pesos

Dewdrop (E-coated) – 20,000

Special Edition (random color weight) – 21,500

5. What colors will you be selling for jelly epoch?

Dewdrop – 60

Ink- 30

Navy- 20

Sage – 15

Ruby – 10

6. What are the available couriers for my country? (SEA)

A: We can accommodate 2 options standard shipping and Fedex or DHL express. If you want faster (but more expensive) shipping you can send us a message via email or Facebook messenger together with your order number and Buyer information

7. If Paypal doesn’t work as checkout, what could be a more faster method to check my order out?

Credit card and Paypal are the only payment method that will be allowed for the Jelly Epoch

8. Do you allow special order modifications even after buying the item?

Please make sure you pick the exact color you need as we cannot modify your order once it is in. for order information matters we can accommodate address changes please message us at [email protected]

9. Does paypal automatically convert into pesos? or it’ll be paid in usd?

The price indicated on the website is in Philippine Peso and whatever currency they are using it will convert directly to peso