KL-90 Polycarbonate

KL-90 Polycarbonate – Final IC + GB Announcement
Hello, This is the final IC for the KL-90 Polycarbonate kit!

The KL-90 (Polycarbonate) is a CNC Machined 75% Keyboard featuring a left hand Macro Column, with the option to sport a Dual Encoder or Single Encoder + OLED Setup. Other features of the KL-90 are:

1) Gasket Mounted
2) QMK/VIA Support
3) Solder and Hotswap Versions
4) Split-Spacebar( Hotswap/Solder), ISO Support (Solder)
5) 6 Degree Typing Angle
6) USB-C on board with ESD Protection
7) Open-Source (Post GB)

The Group Buy for the KL-90 will go live May 10th, and stay live for three weeks, ending on May 31st!

The vendor list is as follows:

USA: https://kikoslab.com/ – Unlimited GB
Canada: https://ashkeebs.com/ – Unlimited GB
UK: https://prototypist.net/ – Unlimited GB
EU: https://mykeyboard.eu/ – 100 Units
SEA/PH: https://zionstudios.ph/ – Unlimited GB
CN: https://www.zfrontier.com/ – Unlimited GB
AU: https://dailyclack.com/ – 50 Units

The price in the USA* will start at $400 for the Solder Kit, and $425 for the Hotswap Kit. Prices for other regions may be different, as they will have to account for their individual taxes/fees but they should all be relatively close.

The kit will include:

1 x CNC Machined Polycarbonate KL-90 Bottom Case
1 x CNC Machined Polycarbonate KL-90 Top Case (OLED or Dual Encoder Versions)
1 x CNC Machined Polycarbonate KL-90 Switch Plate
1 x Set of Gaskets
1 x Fully Assembled KL-90 PCB (Solder or Hotswap)
1 x 3mm Switch Plate Foam
1 x Set of Rubber Feet
1 x CNC Machined Brass KL-90 Weight
2 x CNC Machined Sandblasted Brass Encoder Knobs (Or 1x for OLED Configuration)
2 x EC-12 Rotary Encoders (or 1 x EC-12 Rotary Encoder + 1 x SSD1306 128×32 OLED Screen)

The Four Color Options will be:
– Midnight Black
– Tiffany Blue
– Purple Haze
– Frosted Ice

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