Gerald65 – Alice-Style 65% keyboard

Introducing the Gerald65, a 65% Alice-style keyboard. Right above the arrow keys, this keyboard features a full 4 keys maintaining a consistent border around the top of the arrow keys. The Gerald65 will be built out of stacked acrylic layers and will have a variety of plate options. Similar to the Arisu, there is not an additional key on the right-hand side. However, unlike the Arisu, this keyboard has the ‘P’ in the horizontal position, to make it easier for your pinky to find.

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•   Hotswap
•   Multiple plate materials (POM, FR4, Carbon Fiber, Brass, Aluminum, Acrylic)
•   Plate foam & case foam
•   Acrylic sandwich mounted, currently experimenting with gasket mounting it
•   PCB with QMK and VIA support
•   Adjustable typing angle (0 or 6 degrees)

GB planned for late April/early May, with keyboards shipping out about 3-4 months later! (This is still approximate, and may change at a later date)

TBD, but I am aiming to sell it right around $150 for the kit.
Extra plates will also be sold, each plate will come with an extra gasket kit.

Designed by Aidan Smith

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